KJZZ - Pinal County Sheriff Must Balance Demands Of Rural, Growing Community
March 30, 2017
An unmarked Pinal County Sheriff’s SUV is pulled off on the shoulder of Hunt Highway, parked behind a white sedan.
The back driver-side tire of the sedan is flat and a couple of high school cheerleaders and their coach, the car’s passengers, stand nearby on their phones.
Sheriff Mark Lamb crouched on his hands and knees and shoved a jack under the car.
After a few cranks, the car rose. Next the lug nuts came off, followed by the flat, one girl rolled over the spare tire, lug nuts twisted back on and the spare was secured.
Brooke Calamari, a cheer coach at a nearby school and the car's driver offered him $20.
“You already pay me, I’m the sheriff,” Lamb said, smiling and refusing the money.