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Maricopa News - Mark Lamb Interview
 KJZZ - Pinal County Sheriff Must Balance Demands Of Rural, Growing Community
March 30, 2017
An unmarked Pinal County Sheriff’s SUV is pulled off on the shoulder of Hunt Highway, parked behind a white sedan.
The back driver-side tire of the sedan is flat and a couple of high school cheerleaders and their coach, the car’s passengers, stand nearby on their phones.
Sheriff Mark Lamb crouched on his hands and knees and shoved a jack under the car.
After a few cranks, the car rose. Next the lug nuts came off, followed by the flat, one girl rolled over the spare tire, lug nuts twisted back on and the spare was secured.
Brooke Calamari, a cheer coach at a nearby school and the car's driver offered him $20.
“You already pay me, I’m the sheriff,” Lamb said, smiling and refusing the money.
Meet Matt Thomas - Your New Chief Deputy in 2017
January 1, 2017

Matthew Thomas is an Arizona native, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Matt has lived in Pinal County since 1987, and has been employed with the Pinal County Sheriff's Office since April of 1993. Matt started his career with PCSO in Detention, moving into a Deputy position in 1994, and has promoted through the ranks to his current position.
Matt worked as a Deputy assigned to Patrol, and held assignments as a Deputy on the Traffic Unit and as a Detective in the Narcotics unit. In 2001, Matt was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. As a Sergeant Matt supervised patrol squads, and held assignments as the Training Sergeant, Narcotics Task Force Sergeant, and Traffic Sergeant. In 2009, Matt became the first Motor Sergeant for the first Motor squad in PCSO history. Matt promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in December 2010, and was assigned to the Criminal Investigations Bureau as the Commander for the Pinal Regional SWAT Team, and also   Technicians. In 2013, Matt’s assignment in the Criminal Investigations Bureau was changed, and he became the Special Operations Commander which included commanding the Pinal Regional SWAT team, the Pinal County Narcotics Task Force and the Pinal County Anti-Smuggling Unit. Matt was a member of the Pinal Regional SWAT Team from 1997 to 2014. In April 2014, Matt moved to the Patrol Bureau as the Regional Commander for the San Tan Valley region, which is the highest populated and unincorporated area of Pinal County with approximately 95,000 residents. In June of 2016 Matt was reassigned to his previous position as the CIB Special Operations Commander.
In addition to his normal duties, Matt has been an adjunct instructor and acted as a Recruit Training Officer at the Regional Police Academy in Pinal County. Matt was also assigned as Interim Director of this same Police Academy in 2005/2006. Matt was a member of the AZPOST Ethics Committee, he holds numerous Instructor Certifications for Law Enforcement courses, is a graduate of the Leadership In Police Organizations developed by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy 261st session. Additionally, Matt was the Eastern Regional Director for the Arizona Tactical Officer's Association from 2011 to 2013, and is currently the Vice-President for the Arizona Tactical Officer's Association. Matt instructs law enforcement around the U.S. in the area of border related issues and Mexican cartels, speaking and teaching on these subjects for organizations such as the National Rifle Association and the National Tactical Officer’s Association. Matt has published articles in SWAT magazine,, and The Warrior Wire. Matt has also been featured in the National Rifle Association’s Life of Duty programs “Interceptors” and “Defending Our America”.