Guide for Independent Voters in Arizona

Independent Voters in Arizona

Independent voters in Arizona have multiple options for participating in primary elections. They can select a primary ballot from recognized parties except for the Libertarian and Green Parties, which have closed primaries. They can also participate in municipal elections with nonpartisan ballots and need to be registered with a party for the Presidential Preference Election.

Voting Options for Independent Voters

Open Primary Law

According to Arizona's Constitution (Article 7, Section 10), independent, other, or party not designated voters can choose a primary election ballot from any of the recognized political parties.

In-Person Voting

Independent voters can choose a party ballot at an early voting location or on Election Day. Independent Voters who vote in-person need to tell a poll worker which party ballot they wish to vote. This can either occur at an early voting location or on election day.

Can I vote early in the primary?

Absolutely. If you are registered with a political party and on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL), you will automatically receive a ballot in your mailbox. Voters not on PEVL may make a one-time early ballot request or sign up for the Permanent Early Voting List, by contacting their county recorder's office.

How to Choose a Primary Election Ballot

For Voters on the Active Early Voting List (AEL)

Independent voters on the AEL will receive a 90-day notice in the mail. 

This notice:  

- Reminds voters of the upcoming election.  

- Allows voters to update any registration changes.  

- Lets independent voters choose which party ballot they wish to receive for that election.

For Voters Not on the Active Early Voting ListOne-time Early Ballot:

- Independent voters can request a one-time early ballot by calling the county recorder's office.

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