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Sheriff Mark Lamb Collaborates with 501c3 Supporting First Responders

June 11, 20242 min read

We are pleased to announce a meaningful partnership between the Mark Lamb for Senate campaign and the First Responder Whiskey Society, a dedicated 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. This collaboration aims to support our brave first responders and their families in times of need.

Starting today, the Mark Lamb for Senate Campaign will donate 50% of the net proceeds from the sales of our special edition bottles to the First Responder Whiskey Society. This initiative aligns with our shared values of camaraderie, loyalty, mental and physical wellness, and responsible consumption.

Order your own Limited Edition Bottle HERE

Liberty Call American Patriot Limited Edition Whiskey

Uncommon Valor Whiskey

This commemorative bottle of whiskey has been created by Liberty Call Distilling in San Diego California. The company is marine owned and a friend to all first responders. The bottle boasts superior quality work compared to other engravings because it is sandblasted, not just etched.

The whiskey is first aged in new 53 gallon medium charred American oak barrels for 2 years then rested in-barrel with Chilean Amburana Oak staves.  They’ve created a uniquely sweet, yet spicy bourbon whiskey. With hints of gingerbread and fresh vanilla on the nose, there is a pronounced sweetness on the palate while showing touches of oak, spice cake, nutmeg, and light brown sugar. 

Double Wood Whiskey

The Liberty Call Family takes great pride in creating the exceptional taste of Double Wood Bourbon. This is a labor of love, with every batch being carefully tasted through each step of the aging process to ensure the highest quality in every bottle.

It all begins with the meticulous selection of only the finest 53-gallon medium charred American Oak barrels, where the bourbon will first age for up to 3 years.

While an outstanding bourbon emerges from this step alone, they decided to go above and beyond in pursuit of unrivaled taste. That’s why they finish every batch in ten-gallon medium charred American Oak barrels for a minimum of 6 months. By exposing the bourbon to 5 times more wood, they achieve a deep amber in the glass. With hints of oak and spice on the nose between soft vanilla notes, there is a pronounced sweetness on the palate while showing touches of caramel and dark chocolate.

The bottles can be shipped across the United States except for the restricted states of Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Utah, and Virginia.

About the First Responder Whiskey Society

The First Responder Whiskey Society is a remarkable non-profit organization with a membership of over 11,000 individuals, including police, fire, military, medical personnel, and their family members. Their mission is simple yet profound: to support first responders and their families during challenging times. Their guiding values ensure they always prioritize charity, ethical behavior, and their members' well-being. Their motto, "Service Through Spirits," reflects their commitment to making a positive impact.

Order your own Limited Edition Bottle HERE

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