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Mark Lamb sits down with ABC15 for an exclusive interview

May 15, 20243 min read

Watch U.S. Senate Candidate Sheriff Mark Lamb on ABC 15


In an in-depth interview on ABC15 Arizona, Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County shared his perspectives on several critical issues facing Arizona and the nation. He highlighted his extensive experience and bipartisan appeal as key strengths in his candidacy to replace Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

Experience and Bipartisanship

Sheriff Lamb emphasized his eight years of experience as a sheriff, during which he served a diverse community of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents effectively. He argued that this experience makes him uniquely qualified to address pressing issues such as border security, the economy, national security, and crime—areas where he believes he has unmatched expertise among the candidates.

Campaign Priorities

When asked about his top priorities if elected, Sheriff Lamb underscored the importance of securing the border, stating that national security and border security are intertwined. He also highlighted the need to boost the economy by regaining energy independence and restoring the rule of law to ensure justice for all Americans.

Addressing Federal Corruption

Sheriff Lamb expressed concerns about what he perceives as corruption and misguidance at the federal level, particularly within the FBI. He criticized the leadership in Washington, D.C., for being out of touch with the operational realities on the ground, advocating for a return to leadership that understands the core functions of law enforcement.

Border Security and Immigration

The sheriff reiterated his stance on the need for a robust border policy to combat national security threats, which he believes are evident from the current state of the southern border. He stressed the importance of a sensible immigration process that doesn't incentivize illegal entry, thereby respecting both the rule of law and human dignity.

Economic Concerns and Energy Independence

On the economy, Lamb advocated for the restoration of American energy independence as a means to reduce inflation and lower the cost of living for Americans. He argued that achieving energy independence would stabilize prices and help reduce the economic strain on American families.

Commitment to Arizona

Throughout the interview, Sheriff Lamb maintained that his focus would remain on representing the interests of Arizonans, emphasizing his commitment to the principles of God, family, freedom, and the Constitution. He pointed out that his campaign is driven by the desire to bring proven conservative leadership to the Senate to address the failures of the current administration.

Sheriff Lamb's responses reflected a deep connection to Arizona's needs and a clear vision for his role in the U.S. Senate, underscoring his readiness to tackle the issues head-on with the same fervor and dedication he has shown as Sheriff of Pinal County.

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About Sheriff Mark Lamb

Sheriff Mark Lamb is a husband, father, grandfather, and God-fearing patriot. Lamb has served as Sheriff of Pinal County since 2017. Lamb serves on the frontlines at the Southern Border, fighting the criminal cartels to prevent the flow of deadly fentanyl and human trafficking. In 2020, Sheriff Lamb took a courageous stand against COVID lockdowns, as well as mask and vaccine mandates, ensuring that his people lived free, businesses remained open, and children stayed in school. Through this steadfast dedication to liberty, Lamb earned the nickname “America’s Sheriff”.

Now, Lamb is determined to take his fight to the U.S. Senate. Our Constitutional rights are under attack, the timeless values of our Republic are eroding, and America’s standing on the world stage has been imperiled by the failed leadership of Joe Biden and the Democrats. Lamb will fight to secure the border, stand up for Law and Order, protect the Second Amendment, bring fiscal sanity to Washington, and restore American strength on the world stage. Sheriff Mark Lamb is the conservative fighter Arizona needs to defend our values of God, family, and freedom.


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