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Sheriff Lamb Busts Illegals Smuggling Fentanyl

May 13, 20243 min read

Watch Sheriff Mark Lamb Discusses Border Security on Fox Business


In a compelling interview with Stuart Varney, U.S. Senate Candidate Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County, Arizona, shared insights into a significant fentanyl bust and elaborated on his motivations for running for the U.S. Senate. Known for his straightforward approach and deep knowledge of border issues, Sheriff Lamb is positioning himself as a leader ready to address some of the most pressing challenges facing Arizona and the nation.

Major Fentanyl Bust

Sheriff Lamb began the interview by detailing a recent law enforcement operation that led to a major fentanyl bust. The operation began with a routine traffic stop of a vehicle with expired tags, coming off a reservation. The vehicle was occupied by two illegal immigrants and two American citizens. Upon investigation, authorities discovered fentanyl in the car. The passenger, a U.S. citizen, was found to have a statewide extradition warrant and was subsequently arrested along with the others. The illegal immigrants were taken into custody by Border Patrol.

The individuals apprehended during the operation face serious charges. The illegal immigrants are likely to be charged with illegal entry, while the driver faces charges related to human smuggling. The U.S. citizen passenger is facing charges for her outstanding warrant and possession of fentanyl. This incident underscores the complex challenges law enforcement faces at the border, involving both narcotics and human smuggling.

Impact of Panama's Migration Policy

The discussion also touched on international issues impacting U.S. border security. Specifically, Sheriff Lamb commented on the newly elected President of Panama's promise to shut down the critical Darien Gap migration route. Lamb, familiar with the region, noted that this could significantly reduce the flow of migrants from South America to the U.S., a move he views as beneficial.

Cartel Influence at the Border

A more alarming revelation from the interview was the extent of cartel influence at the border. Sheriff Lamb expressed concern that cartels are effectively controlling the border, overpowering even U.S. law enforcement in terms of resources and influence. This dominance by the cartels results in a reactionary posture from the Border Patrol rather than a proactive enforcement strategy.

Lamb's Senate Candidacy and Broader Issues

Moving beyond border issues, Sheriff Lamb clarified that his campaign is not focused solely on border security. He is equally concerned with the economy, national security, and rising crime, which he attributes to the current administration's policies. Lamb believes that his extensive experience with border issues uniquely qualifies him for the Senate, where he intends to address these varied challenges.

Political Outlook and Support for Trump

In closing, when asked about former President Donald Trump's chances if an election were held today, Sheriff Lamb confidently stated that Trump would win Arizona, reflecting widespread dissatisfaction with the current administration's handling of border security and economic issues.

Sheriff Lamb's candid responses and detailed discussion of border security issues highlight his commitment to bringing experienced leadership to the U.S. Senate, aiming to restore effective governance and secure American borders.

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