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Sheriff Lamb on American Sunrise: Border Violence and more.

March 28, 20242 min read

In a recent appearance on American Sunrise on March 25, 2024, Pinal County Sheriff and U.S. Senate candidate Mark Lamb addressed pressing issues regarding border security and policy. Lamb described recent violent incidents at the Texas border as an invasion, highlighting the scarcity of Border Patrol agents and the increased risk of violent confrontations. He criticized the recently passed spending bill for not addressing border issues and advocated for stronger government action against overspending and inefficiencies.

Lamb also discussed the problem of "gotaways," individuals who evade official detection at the border, emphasizing their potential criminal backgrounds or affiliations with terrorist organizations and cartels. He expressed concern over the inadequate screening of immigrants, estimating thousands of potential terrorists may have already crossed into the U.S. Lamb pointed to fentanyl poisoning as a current form of terrorist attack, causing unprecedented American fatalities.

Highlighting the intertwined issues of drug trafficking, human smuggling, and crimes committed by illegal immigrants, Lamb stressed the urgent need for federal intervention to secure the border and protect American communities. His campaign for the Senate is driven by a commitment to address these critical issues at the federal level.

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About Sheriff Lamb

Sheriff Mark Lamb, a husband, father, and grandfather, is a dedicated patriot with a rich background that spans Hawaii, Manila, and Arizona. Born in Hilo, Hawaii, and raised in various locations, including the Philippines and Panama, Sheriff Lamb's diverse experiences have shaped his commitment to service.

Elected as the 24th Sheriff of Pinal County in 2017, Sheriff Lamb manages a vast county and oversees a $55 million budget with over 600 employees, covering all aspects of the Sheriff’s Office, including the Detention Center. His dedication to protecting the people of Pinal County is evident, and he considers it one of his greatest honors. Now running for the U.S. Senate, Sheriff Lamb brings a wealth of experience, a commitment to community safety, and a deep appreciation for the freedoms enjoyed in America.

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