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Sheriff Mark Lamb Discusses Homeowner Rights and Senate Candidacy with KFYI's James T. Harris

March 26, 20242 min read

Sheriff Mark Lamb Discusses Homeowner Rights and Senate Candidacy with KFYI's James T. Harris

On March 25, 2024, Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, a now-official candidate for the U.S. Senate from Arizona, spoke with KFYI Radio Host James T. Harris about a range of topics, including homeowner rights, self-defense, and his Senate campaign.

Lamb reflected on contrasting approaches to law enforcement's role during the coronavirus pandemic, praising his own initiative to educate Arizona residents on their rights to protect themselves against criminal and governmental overreach. This discussion came in the wake of a Florida sheriff's viral advice on home defense, which Lamb wholeheartedly endorsed. He emphasized the importance of residents knowing they have the backing of their sheriff to defend their homes against intruders, especially amid rising concerns about gang activity in areas like Scottsdale and Chandler.

Sheriff Lamb explained Arizona's legal stance on the use of deadly force, asserting that homeowners have the right to defend themselves if they reasonably believe they or others are in danger of serious physical injury or death. He highlighted the current situation at the southern border as a further justification for the need for self-protection, describing it as an invasion and stressing the importance of being prepared to act as one's own first responder.

In discussing his Senate candidacy, Lamb expressed his commitment to addressing the pressing issues facing Arizona and the nation, including border security, crime, and economic challenges. Despite the daunting prospect of working within the federal government, Lamb's dedication to his principles of patriotism and freedom motivates his campaign. He announced the successful collection of 13,000 signatures to secure his place on the ballot, positioning himself as the most qualified candidate for the role, with unmatched experience in dealing with border issues, crime, and national security.

For those interested in supporting his campaign or learning more, Sheriff Lamb directed listeners to his website,, highlighting the opportunity for donations and the importance of voter participation in the upcoming primary on July 30, where independents can request a Republican ballot to vote.

Sheriff Lamb's discussion with James T. Harris underscores his staunch support for individual rights and self-defense, as well as his readiness to bring his law enforcement experience and values to the U.S. Senate.

Sheriff Mark Lamb Joins James T Harris


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