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This Border Bill is Garbage

February 07, 20242 min read

U.S. Senate Candidate Mark Lamb Calls U.S. Senate Border Bill "Garbage" and "Another Global Aid Package Masquerading as a Border Solution"

The situation on the border is a national security catastrophe and national health emergency. Arizonans have had enough. It can't be fixed with smoke and mirrors

- Sheriff Mark Lamb

WASHINGTON, DC -- Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, today issued the following statement regarding the border bill pushed forward by the U.S. Senate, now being pulled back because of fierce opposition: 

"This so-called solution to the crisis at the border is another example of the garbage that comes out of Washington power brokers. Frankly I'm tired of politicians who think a couple trips to the border makes them an expert on border security. Me and my fellow law enforcement officers in Arizona have to deal with what can only be called a national security catastrophe and a national health emergency. And unfortunately, it's self-made courtesy of the Biden Administration. And it can't he fixed with smoke and mirrors."

This isn't a border bill, but a global aid bill that is more concerned about what is happening overseas than to our own border at home. This bill has $60 billion going to Ukraine. And $300 million to "promote the rule of law" in Ukraine while our elected representatives ignore the rule of law here at home. That's a slap in the face of Ariizonans and we've had enough. How about we run a stand alone bill and watch how many Democrats don't support our own national security.

Our nation is being overrun with thugs, terrorists, military-aged men and a flood of fentanyl which is destroying families across our nation. They cross our border and recieve debit cards and cash from our own government via NGOs (non-governmental organizations). This bill authorizes more billions to be given to those crossing the border in so-called "humanitarian assistance." Not only is our border wide open, American taxpayers are footing the bill by providing food, transportation and shelter. 

In fact, this bill further authorizes:

-- $9.2 billion dollars in taxpayer monies to sustain global humanitarian assistance by providing assistance to Ukraine, Gaza, East Africa, South Asia, and elsewhere... and an additional $850 million for the Western Hemisphere.

-- $85 million for support to Arab partners in the Middle East to enhance counter terrorism capabilities. 

-- $2 billion in foreign military financing to support partners in the Indo-Pacific region... to mitigate the economic impacts of Russia's war against Ukraine... and by the People's Republic of China to advance its own interests.

Senators need to go back to the drawing board, work with the House Republicans, and both need to push a stand-alone bill that immediately addresses the crisis at the border."

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